E-Leadership Week Launched in Bishkek

Jun 3, 2013

Official logo of the E-Leadership Week.

Kyrgyz Republic Government and UNDP launched the E-Leadership Week in Bishkek which will take place from 3 June to 9 June 2013. During the week members of the government, expert community, international organizations as well as representatives of best practice countries will discuss the prospects for promoting E-Governments and E-Governance in the country. The issues related to E-Governance implementation in Kyrgyzstan along with the achieved progress will be addressed during the scheduled events.

The E-Leadership week implies a wide range of events including:

  • 3, 4, 6 June – Series of Training for Heads of Government Agencies on Global E-Governance Trends, its Assessment and Critical Review, Strategic Governance and Government’s Information Leadership.
  • 5 June – International Conference “E-Leadership: E-Governance for Sustainable Development of the Kyrgyz Republic” with participation of representatives of Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Kyrgyz Republic President’s Administration and the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, Heads of Ministries and Agencies, Political Parties as well as the Diplomatic Community, UN Agencies and other International Organizations, Civil Society, Business Community and International Experts.   
  • 7- June –Training for Managers “ICT for Disaster Risk Management”.
  • 8 June – Training for Managers “ICT, Climate Change and Green Growth”.

It is expected that such events will enable coordination of intentions aimed at strengthening efforts to introduce E-Governance and elaboration of joint recommendations for meaningful actions based on international best practices as well as measures to enhance coordination and strengthen partnerships in introduction of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for sustainable development.

The process of informatization of government agencies is quite actively going on in Kyrgyzstan virtually almost in all ministries and agencies, however, with varying degrees of readiness in terms of computerization of internal processes, delivery of electronic public services, etc. However, the introduction of ICT in different government agencies is commencing in a sporadic manner or locally, all of these efforts require more coordinated approach and better liaison between different government agencies.

The transition to E-Governance fundamentally changes the way the government approaches its citizens and businesses. The government is positioned as the entity delivering services that gives top priority to its citizen but not the system. The government in this case is driven by needs and demands of its citizens in its pursuit to build maximum convenience and comfort for its customers, delivering public services anywhere and at any time. E-Governance also promotes minimum contacts between a service recipient and a civil servant which further contributes to significant reduction in the degree of corruption.

These events are hosted by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic with the support of the United Nations Development Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic and implemented under the UNDP Capacity Development Facility Project financed by UNDP and the Open Society Institute.

You can find more information about about E-Governance in fact sheets (download on the right side).

For more information please contact:

Gulnura Toralieva, +996-550-812000

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