A new bridge provides for a safe crossing through Itagar river for 2000 families in Avletim village district

May 7, 2013

Children of Avletim village district are crossing the newly constructed bridge.

Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan – Residents of Avletim village district constructed a new bridge over the river of Itagar that they have to cross to get to the hospital, government offices and a school. 80 meter-long bridge shortened the way to the nearest social institutions to 6-7 km and provides a safe crossing of the river for more than 2,000 families of the village district.

Pedestrian bridge over Itagar river in Aral village of Aksy district in Jalal-Abad province was built in 1983 by villagers themselves. Wooden bridge pillar raised the bridge over the river just for one meter. Each year floods and mudslides washed away the bridge bearings, which led to major renovation works.

Moreover, the construction of the bridge was not safe and there were cases when children and livestock fell into the river. In 2008 a mudslide severely damaged the entire bridge and the villagers had to walk a long way to bypass the river to get to the center of the district where a school, a hospital, a market and other government institutions are located. This long way caused an estimated 100,000 soms in various types of losses.

To solve this problem, local residents initiated construction of a new pedestrian bridge. They began construction on their own and have collected about 50 thousand soms to supply workers with food. UNDP allocated 106,000 soms to purchase construction materials and WFP has allocated 14 tons of flour and oil for poor people as a compensation for their work in the construction. In addition, WFP has allocated 95 thousand soms for the different needs of the project.

Now local residents can attend municipal and public institutions safely. Also the bridge opened a good communication between the three villages of the district.

Construction of the bridge was supported as part of the joint project of UNDP and WFP "Food for Work".

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