From a rightless child to a rightful citizen

Apr 27, 2018

Photo Credit: Altynai Nanaeva

“I was totally devastated and felt lost when learned my daughter was diagnosed cerebral palsy. I tried to avoid any thoughts about future and just live everyday life. I could not accept reality and only belief and support of other moms with the same children urged me help my child to live a productive life,’’ says Eliza Jekshenbek Kyzy from Kara-Balta.

Eliza participated in a series of workshops for future mentors on women’s and people with disabilities rights. Eliza hopes that he knowledge will enable her to advice other moms in her town and successfully fulfill their common dream to open a kindergarten for children with disabilities in Kara-Balta. Kara-Balta City Administration has already granted a building for kindergarten and parents are trying to allocate resources to repair and finally launch a kindergarten for more than 170 children with disabilities under age 8.

According to the “Access to Justice for Vulnerable Groups in the Kyrgyz Republic” research, women and people with disabilities are among the most vulnerable of all groups and face barriers to the enjoyment of their rights in the country. Access to legal advice and representation is limited by a lack of qualified lawyers in rural and remote regions of the country as well as by the cost of legal service and lack of trust in government. Many parents and people with disabilities still don’t know how to get access to legal and psychological advice.

“I have been consulting children with disabilities and their parents for more than seven years. It is very important for parents to accept individuality of a child at early stages. Unfortunately, parents address to psychologists when their child reaches toddler age or even later. The main problem is that parents are not duly consulted on the rights of their children,” tells Sainagul Omuralieva, Head of “PoDeRo” Therapeutic Centre.

More than 100 representatives of Bishkek and Osh public organizations supporting women and persons with disabilities participated in TOT in April 2018. Some of them are parents of children with disabilities. The training seminars will enable them to coach on the rights of persons with disabilities and women’s rights and thus broaden access to justice of many other people. They will learn to apply the knowledge in their everyday life.

Exclusive training modules on the rights of women and persons with disabilities were developed within the UNDP and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland project on expanding legal capacity in the Kyrgyz Republic. This was done based on analysis of trainings in the field of human rights protection.

Altynai Nanaeva, Communication Expert, UNDP and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland Project "Widening Access to Justice in the Kyrgyz Republic"


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