People should treat each other with kindness and respect

Apr 26, 2018

Photo Credit: Altynai Nanaeva

Seinep Dyikanbaeva, Programme Manager and Lawyer of the “Association of Parents of Disabled-Children”. Seinep consults people with disabilities on daily basis. Despite the fact that Seinep has an inborn cerebral palsy diagnosis she lives an active lifestyle and helps people with disabilities to fully enjoy their rights. It is worth mentioning that Seinep has been invited to deliver a speech during the Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2014 and 2015.

Tell us a few words about yourself. When did you decide you could consult and educate others?

I started participating in different workshops when from a teenage age. Then I realized that teaching enabled me to enrich my knowledge and apply my skills. Afterwards, I decided to enroll in the American University in the Kyrgyz Republic and study Law. I wanted to provide more qualified legal aid and conduct trainings for parents of children and people with disabilities.

Today you are coaching organizations and moms of children with disabilities. Why are these trainings so unique?

I would like to emphasize that these training modules on rights of women and people with disabilities have been developed for the first time ever. I think they can be improved based on feedback received especially from children, women and people with disabilities. The trainings allow to educate future coachers thus more women and people with disabilities will enjoy their rights.

You have a firsthand information about difficulties of people with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities? Can you brief what challenges people with disabilities usually face?

These are the right to education, employment, disability allowances issues, ways to challenge diagnose or decision of the Disability Evaluation Board and legal aid mechanisms.

I consider myself a human rights defender rather than a lawyer. I provide a pre-trial support to parents of children with disabilities and people with disabilities on social, health and educational rights.

What motivates you in life? Share your dream and future plans.  

I am grateful for my family. My mother has been always wise enough and treated me as an ordinary child and that was the only right decision. Thanks to her all treated me the same way. My family shaped my personality. I am always inspired by my faith, singing, reading and different people I meet with. I am convinced that any child should be brought up in love. Parents should raise their children cultivating the best human qualities. Human being is like a vessel. What's inside will spill out.  

I dream about Master’s degree and become a mature personality full of love and life. I want to live a happy life and adhere to eternal values - faith, hope and love. People should be treated with kindness and respect in disregard of the social position.  

Seinep, thank you for your interview. We wish you good luck!

Altynai Nanaeva, Communication Expert, UNDP and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland Project "Widening Access to Justice in the Kyrgyz Republic"

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