“If you are one of us, help us!”

Jun 12, 2017

Photo Courtesy: Zhanna Khussainova

“If you are one of us, help us!” sounds the saying in the “Avatar” movie. And maybe, it's the right time for people to remember that we and nature are not different systems. We are one single organism. 5 June is an important date to mark this when people of the planet celebrate two main events – “World Environment Day” and “Environment Protection Day”, in celebration of which joins the Kyrgyz Republic as well.

On-line poll selected the slogan for 2017 “I am with nature!”, putting forward the idea of human unity with the nature. Everyone understands that for the prosperity of mankind, harmonious interaction of human being and natural systems is necessary. To understand this, it is important to study nature, while doing explanatory work among citizens.

The harmonious interaction of a human being with natural systems is a basis for prosperous life of the humankind. That is why it is essential to know how these systems work. Nature study and awareness raising campaigns help people understand better nature processes. The journalists of the Kyrgyz Republic make significant contribution in protection of the environment raising such importance issues as climate change, biodiversity, ground conditions in the country, fighting against desertification and many others.

That is why, marking the dates, the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry awarded Media representatives and journalists of the country who covered the environmental problems under the media contest on “Coverage of Environment Issues and Ecological Problems”, which was organized by UNDP Sustainable Development Programme and the Public Foundation “Republican Training Center for Media Communications”.

Categories of the competition included components of three Rio Conventions. They are Сlimate Change, Biodiversity Conservation and Funding, Land Degradation. The competition included also the special categories: Medical Waste Management and Integrated Water Resource Management of Chu and Talas River Basins. Journalists throughout the country covered these issues and over 100 works were submitted to take part in the competition. The evaluation criteria based on urgency and validity of the journalistic materials. The competition jury consisted of representatives of the government, international organizations and Media. Here are 18 winners by categories:

Climate Change in the Kyrgyz Republic/ The country’s compliance with obligations under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change  

1 rank – Maria Orlova, weekly “Weekly Arguments. Kyrgyz Republic”, Bishkek.

2 rank – Asein Madambekov, Azzaty radio, Karakol.

Biodiversity in the Kyrgyz Republic / The country’s compliance with obligations under the UN Convention on Biological Diversity

1 rank –“Novye litsa” newspaper, Bishkek.

State of lands in the Kyrgyz Republic / The country’s compliance with obligations under the UN Convention to Combat Desertification

1 rank – Gulzhan Azhimatova, OshTV broadcasting company, Osh.

2 rank – Krmankulova Nurzhamal, newspaper “Aiyl Demi”, Bishkek.

2 rank – Zhanybaeva Anarhan, www.kogart.kg, Jalal-Abad.

For complex coverage of the country’s compliance with UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and Convention to Combat Desertification (additional category)

“Alma” magazine.

Winners of the special categories:

Information messages/harm of mercury on the population’s health:

- Ermek Aktanov, Birinchi Radio, Bishkek.

Safe handling of medical waste:

 – Shirin Asanakunova, KTRK, Ala-Too -24, Bishkek.

Stories on best practices and financial decisions to conserve biodiversity:

– Guliza Suvanova, PF “Demge Dem”, Osh.

-  Almaz Kasymaliev, KTRK, Bishkek.

A series of articles on connection of the tourism with biodiversity:

- Irina Bairamukova, “Sovremennik” magazine, Bishkek.

How private business can benefit from investing in biodiversity within corporate social responsibility:

- Mederbek Niyazaliev, KTRK, Batken.

A series of news messages on Chu and Talas Rivers in on-line media:

– Aiperi Ganyzhan kyzy, super.kg portal, Bishkek.

A series of materials on water quality impact on health of the population in on-line media:

– “Yntymak” Broadcasting Company, Osh.

Video reports/pieces on waste treatment facilities of cities and enterprises in Chu and Talas oblasts:

– Anton Chipegin, “Duet pro Media” Studio, Bishkek

Green economy – realities of the country:

- “Capital Creative” Media Company, Bishkek.

- Azamat Temirkulov, AKI-Press, Bishkek.

Following projects announced the special categories:

UNDP project “The Biodiversity Finance Initiative”

UNDP-GEF project “Protection of human health and the environment from accidental emissions of persistent organic pollutants and mercury in the result of improper handling of medical waste in the Kyrgyz Republic”

UNDP-UNEP Poverty-Environment Initiative

GEF project "Enabling Transboundary Cooperation and Integrated Water Resources Management in the Chu and Talas River Basins" implemented by UNDP in cooperation with UNECE.

Journalists’ works under these categories raised awareness on biodiversity financing, medical waste management and integrated water resource management in the Chu and Talas River Basins.

Contact information

Mr. Vladimir Grebnev, Project Coordinator of the UNDP-GEF “Strengthening of institutional and legal capacities to enable improvement of the national monitoring system and management of environmental information”  vladimir.grebnev@undp.org


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