One more important step forward in the judiciary-legal reform process of Kyrgyzstan

Mar 4, 2017

Photo Credit: Arslan Sabyrbekov

3 March 2017, the first meeting of the Coordination council to oversee the implementation of the package of progressive laws within the judiciary-legal reform process took place in the Government’s office under the leadership of the vice-prime-minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Jenish Razakov.

In his opening statement to the participants, Mr. Razakov stated that, “creation of the Coordination council marks one of the key milestones in the delivery of justice sector reform. The council will oversee the implementation of laws within the judiciary reform process by developing the needed by-laws, creating basic institutional framework and making sure that we achieve all of our objectives formulated in the beginning of this process,”- said vice-prime-minister, chairman of the Coordination council.

The meeting took place with a participation of all the members of the Coordination council, ranging from members of the cabinet of ministers, to judges and heads of state security agencies as well as civil society representatives. Key international donors that have accompanied the entire judiciary-legal reform process in the country also attended important gathering by bringing forward their proposals and concerns. In words of the UNDP Rule of Law program adviser Aigul Baiburaeva, “implementation of the laws is costly and require donor assistance. Therefore, there is a need to involve international organizations in the entire process so that we can coordinate our support”- proposed UNDP representative.

Detailed presentation of implementation plans for key laws within the justice sector reform further accompanied the first meeting of the Coordination council. Members of the Coordination council have familiarized themselves with implementation plans for new projects of the criminal code, criminal executive code, criminal procedure code, as well as administrative procedure code and civil procedure code. The later will enter into force already 1 July 2017.

Implementation plans were created earlier by members of expert working groups and supported by international donor organizations and outline a set of clear activities to be undertaken in order to see practical application of all the novelties. Key activities include development of by-laws, training modules, educational seminars as well as distribution of informational materials and wide range of other no less important undertakings. Members of the Coordination council have a weeklong time to comment and propose their changes to the plans.

Important result of the meeting was creation of the Secretariat of the Coordination council, which would serve as its coordinating and executive body.

Implementation plans were created with technical and expert support of UNDP’s Rule of Law project, supported by the British Embassy to the Kyrgyz Republic. The plans are a key mechanism to ensure strategic planning and delivery of the reform.

Arslan Sabyrbekov, Rule of Law project media expert  

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