New Year Greetings from Zorka – “Ms. Identification of Kyrgyzstan»

Jan 10, 2017

Photo Credit: Mirgul Amanalieva, Samat Akunov

UNDP colleagues visited famous cow Zorka, living in the aksakal Bektursun Orozaliev’s in Luxemburg village, Chui oblast. Zorka was the first caw in the Kyrgyz Republic who received in a solemn ceremony the first electronic identification passport #000000001 18 November 2016.

Aksakal Bektursun Orozaliev proudly noted Zorka – “Miss Identification of Kyrgyzstan” sounds good and is in excellent mood. All information about Zorka can be received from her passport: date of birth, place of residence, undertaking of all vaccinations and many other necessary identification details in accordance with requirements of legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic and European Economic Union.

Zorka, who was presenting at the conversation, asked to send her greetings to all multimillion herds of domestic animals and birds in the republic and best wishes for rapid growth of number, weight gain, milk yield and volume of wool clip, egg production, and growth of honey harvest for bees. She also stressed that identification tags decorate each animal, and the receipt of electronic identification passport improves a social status of animals, birds and bees. Being very laconic she completed her greetings with a long “Mooo!” to all and success in New Year of 2017, the year of fire rooster!

We pass this New Year greetings with a great pleasure.

Information: In the framework of participation in the EEU the Kyrgyz Republic is to identify all the multimillion herds of large and small cattle, horses, yaks, pigs, birds. The bees will be identified in a separate procedure. This work is being carried out by the State Inspectorate of Veterinary and Phytosanitary security under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic with participation of LSGs, aiyl okmots, private entrepreneurs, farmers, association of veterinarians, operators and registrars of the national animal identification and tracing system (AITS). Introduction and operation of this system will allow to take not only justified and effective decisions on development of cattle breeding sector of the Kyrgyz Republic but also will provide a free export of ecologically clean and high quality products from Kyrgyzstan to international markets.

The work on animal identification in the Kyrgyz Republic is carried out with financial and technical support of the Government of Russian Federation, which has provided Kyrgyzstan with all necessary equipment for AITS on a grant basis, and also financed development of its software by the FAO experts.

UN Development Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic implements a project financed by the Embassy of Russian Federation “Capacity building of professionals of the Kyrgyz Republic for organization of the system of cattle identification and tracing in Kyrgyzstan in the framework of participation in the Eurasian Economic Union”.

During the first stage of trainings carried out in 2016 trainings on capacity building of operators and registrars of AITS system, veterinarians, entrepreneurs and farmers about 1800 specialists had been trained, and each trained specialist will receive a certificate. Training of all 2500 specialists involved in AITS work will be completed in January-February as it was planned in the project.

Additional information on the project can be found at the following link of UNDP web-site:

Mirgul Amanalieva, UNDP Project Coordinator, Cattle Identification Project, Sustainable Development


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