Civil defense responded to the earthquake and the fire

Nov 10, 2016

Photo Credit: Mirlan Dyikanbaev

Simulation exercises to respond to emergencies have been held last week in the town of Orlovka and the villages Ak-Tuz, Min-Kush and Kadji-Sai for the members of the Civil Defense and local residents. A mechanism to respond to an earthquake with an emergence of a fire in the buildings of secondary schools was simulated in accordance with the scenario.

Practical measures to evacuate staff and students of schools, exploration of places of emergency, providing first aid and emergency response were done during the exercises.

Events were organized and conducted in cooperation with the Commission and Civil Defense services, local self-governments, local offices of the Ministry of Emergencies, the fire service and ambulance.

The exercises are being organized for the members of the Commissions and Civil Defenses services to help them to strengthen the knowledge and skills and be capable to respond effectively to disaster in cooperation with the emergency services.

“Thanks to the trainings, members of Commissions for Civil Defense clearly understand the problems that affect the organization on protection of the local citizens during emergency situations,” - shared the results of the exercise Kanat Almanbetov, a member of the Min-Kush Commission for Civil Defense.

As part of the exercise, participants were provided with informational leaflets to respond to different types of emergencies and first aid organization.

The exercises are being organized in the framework of the UNDP project “Socio-economic development of the communities located near the radioactive tailings in the Kyrgyz Republic”, which is funded by the Russian Government and implemented by UNDP. This project is aimed at creating conditions for sustainable development of the municipalities near the radioactive tailings – the town of Orlovka and the villages of Min-Kush, Kaji-Sai and Ak-Tuz. The project has been implemented since 2015.

Within the project the grant support is being provided to local authorities, local communities for rehabilitation of education and health facilities, to create conditions for business development and employment among the local citizens. At present, works on rehabilitation of drinking water systems is being done.

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Mirlan Dyikanbaev, UNDP Naryn Area-Based Development Programme Media Expert