Autumn Poetry in Central Park of Batken

Oct 28, 2016

There are many holidays that are celebrated in different ways - sometimes together with the office staff, sometimes in the family - all they have a special meaning in our lives.

Each celebration has its own rules, but there are those that allow us to celebrate them in many ways. This year - in the International Day of United Nations, UNDP staff of the Area Based Development Office in Batken oblast decided to celebrate the #UNday2016 by cleaning the Central Park and reading poetry.

All local partners of UNDP were invited to the celebration. Together with them our staff colleagues cleaned the Central Park of Batken. Representatives of local non-governmental organizations, actors of Batken Oblast Musical Drama Theater named after Zhaynakov, youth supported the event with their participation. “Tazalyk” local cleaning organization managed garbage collection.

 “We are pleased that the youth of Batken saw an example of how we can have a celebration. Hopefully, this initiative will be popular among Batken citizens,” – noted Taalaibek Azimov, UNDP ADB Manager in Batken oblast.

The day continued with the meeting of the “Orukzar” poetry club, created under the oblast library in Batken. Young talents gather here every week and read their works, help each other in editing and improving their writings.

This time, the club's meeting was devoted to the United Nations day. During the meeting, a competition was held under the slogan-quiz “What do you know about the UN?”

The children were able to learn about the agencies within the UN system, about the goals and tasks of the organization, its structure, activities of the UN agencies in the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as participants watched videos about #GlobalGoals.

At the end of the day the poetry competition among young poets was held. Within 20 minutes participants had a chance to write a poem about the United Nations. The evaluation committee, formed right before the contest and consisted of teachers, libraries, and the UNDP office in Batken - identified the best three poems. Three winners of the competition were presented with souvenirs.

 Here are the poems that won the prizes.

1.     Түзүлгѳнсүн согуш бүтѳр убакта

Жардам бердин мамлекеттин баарына

Адамдардын кемчилигин толуктап

Ѳнүктүрдүн ѳлкѳлѳрдү алыска

Артта калган айылдар бар дагы кѳп

Шаарлар бар сен ѳстүргѳн кѳкѳлѳп

Жардам берүү улуу максат алдында

Коркуткан согуш атын ѳчүрүп

Шералы к Феруза (11-the year pupil).


2.     Дүйнѳнүн  тынчтыгын  сактаган

Элдердин укугун  данктаган

Бириккен Улуттар  Уюмун

Жүрѳгундѳ сактаган

Улуттар менен мактанам

Б.Байбубаева (9-th year pupil).


3.     Бириккен Улуттар Уюму

Туулган күнүн бул күнү

Иштегим келет уюмда

Иштегим келет БУУда

С.Абдрахманов  (5-th year pupil)

Mavliuda Khodzhaeva, UNDP PR/Communications Specialist, Osh/Batken Area Based Developemnt Programme


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