How to manage medical disposals in healthcare?

Oct 22, 2016

Photo Credit: Aigul Bolotova

Hospitals produce wastes that unfavorably affect human health and the environment. Methods of processing and disposal of hazardous medical waste today are outdated and require use of modern technologies.

 "Improper handling of medical waste in hospitals will lead to negative consequences for health personnel and citizens. It is important to take all measures to minimize risks associated with medical waste. We need to create a safe environment for the work of the medical staff," - said Alexey Kravtsov, director of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center of infection control.

Methods for the treatment of medical waste may themselves pose a threat to human health and the environment. To date, one of the major infectious waste treatment method is the use of chlorine-containing disinfectants, in particular, calcium hypochlorite, which is especially dangerous if it enters the human body.

In this regard, particularly relevant issue is the introduction of safe alternative technologies decontamination of potentially infectious medical waste.

Employees of eleven health organizations in Bishkek have been trained to improve medical waste management system. Training was held at the National Scientific and Practical Centre of Infection Control Research and Production Association “Preventive Medicine”.

To ensure safety of the staff and patients in the healthcare facilities, the Republican Scientific and Practical Center on infection control has developed the safe medical waste management system. The system is being integrated in 11 pilot healthcare facilities of Bishkek, within the framework of the UNDP/GEF “Protect human health and the environment from unintentional releases of POPs and mercury from the unsound disposal of healthcare waste in Kyrgyzstan”, as well as trainings for key personnel being conducted to ensure its proper work.

Aigul Bolotova, UNDP Sustainable Development Dimension PR/Communications Specialist


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