Finland is interested to import organic products from Kyrgyzstan

Oct 5, 2016

Photo Credit: Aigul Bolotova

Petri Numminen - international expert from Finland is having his visit to the Kyrgyz Republic to select products with high export potential. He is conducting research on mapping of 4 products for export from Kyrgyzstan to Finland.

To hold this research Ministry of Economy of the KR supports meetings with representatives of the business community, key ministries and government bodies engaged in regulation of the trade procedures.

The first meeting was held with the Business Association “Jash Ishkerler Assotsiatsiyasy”, which has offices in all parts of the country. According to the information of management, the association consists of about 600 representatives of the business society.

Head of the Committee for Export Business Association Mr. Shumkarbek Mukhtarov noted that agricultural products have export potential. He highlighted products such as beans, dried fruits, walnuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as goods of sewing industry and handicrafts.

Mr. Mukhtarov said the main problem with the export of goods from Kyrgyzstan is connected with logistics, but it will also be difficult to provide necessary documentation regarded to quality when exporting to the European Union.

Mr. Numminen said that greater economic effect in exports will achieve organic products - good for health, because these characteristics add value to the product and increases its appeal for the customer.

Upon outcome of the selection, market research in Finland is expected to be carried out and requirements will be determined for 4 items to be exported from the Kyrgyz Republic.

The third phase (2014 -.2017) of the regional project “Aid for Trade in Central Asia” in Kyrgyzstan is aimed at harmonization of legislation, support and development of favorable environment in trade, improving the knowledge of public servants, business communities in the area of trade promotion.

In addition, the agricultural sector and processing of its products will increase their productivity and exports. This project involves technical assistance to partners in development of documents of national and regional significance.

In order to improve the welfare of citizens through trade in pilot villages there will be implemented a number of projects for development of value chains, including establishment of export alliances. In addition, the experts of the project contribute to improvement of knowledge in the area of promotion of trade, sustainable development, public bodies, local authorities and business community.

The project, which is part of regional program will contribute to development of bilateral trade between Kyrgyzstan and neighboring countries in Fergana Valley, as well as cooperation in the area of trade policy research and stimulating relationships between institutions to promote trade in the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Urmat Takirov, "Aid for Trade" UNDP Project Coordinator


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