Government expenditures to be analyzed in terms of the linkage to the environment and poverty

Oct 3, 2016

Photo Credit: Daniyar Dzhakypov

 “The integration of poverty and environment into the budgeting process implies planning of expenses by the state bodies, taking into account the interrelation of the environmental sustainability and economic growth,” - said Kanat Asangulov, Head of the Fiscal Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance.

This was the first thematic workshop which became a platform for interaction of finance bodies with sectoral ones, who are in charge to develop strategic documents in the area of environment protection.

During the meeting, participants outlined next objectives. In particular, analysis of public expenditures in interrelation with poverty and environment; preparation of budget requests, taking into account sustainable development.

This was also the key purpose of the inter-agency working group set up in this September. This group included representatives of Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Agriculture, Melioration and Food Processing Industry, Ministry of Emergency Situations, State Agency for Environment Protection and Forestry, State Inspection on Environmental and Technical Safety, dealing with planning and budgeting policies and programs.

All these state bodies are engaged in planning and budgeting processes of the programmes.

Training of specialists on the matter of budgeting and strategic planning shall be indissoluble part of implementation of tasks in cooperation with the Training Center of the Ministry of Finance.

Public servants will be trained on the strategic planning and budgeting processes, and employees of the Ministry of Finance will learn more about the sectoral plans. Thus, the sectoral financial requests will be justified and efficient.

Aigul Abdyrazakova, Head of the Agro-Industrial Complex, Natural Resources and Emergencies Unit of the Department of Planning of Real Sector Expenditures under the Ministry of Finance stressed: “We have gaps in the planning process. Finance specialists of the ministries and state bodies, developers of strategies, as well as supervisors of the Ministry of Finance do not coordinate their work”.

UNDP-UNEP Poverty-Environment Initiative is a global joint initiative to support the efforts at the country level, in order to integrate the environmental management into the national and regional planning processes through financial and technical assistance and capacity building. In the Kyrgyz Republic this activity is being implemented since 2011 with the support of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Daniyar Dzhakypov, UNDP Sustainable Development Dimension media expert

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