Gold of the Valley: export of cereals and grain will be strengthened

Sep 12, 2016

To increase the quality of grain production and further marketing, the cooperative “Zoloto Doliny” (Gold of the Valley) have been provided mobile grain dryer, which costs $ 60,000. The equipment is able to process 70 tons of grain to the desired condition for a few hours. Such mobile grain drying equipment is the first one that is used in the southern part of the Kyrgyz Republic.

8 September 2016 the official presentation and demonstration of the mobile grain drying equipment was held in Gairat village of Kara-Suu rayon of Osh oblast.

The participants of the event familiarized with the process of work and the benefits of the mobile drying equipment, provided within the framework of the UNDP “Aid for Trade” project funded by the Government of Finland.  

Head of the Agricultural Development Management Unit of Kara-Suu rayon, main stakeholders, farmers, partner organizations, districts’ heads, businessmen and processors of corn took part in the event.

“The procurement of this powerful equipment is a great achievement for our area farmers. This grain drying equipment can process not only corn seeds but also other cereals such as wheat, barley with regard to their specifications right after the harvest and opens up great opportunities for export. Grains processed by such drying equipment meet all the requirements of certification and laboratory analysis,” - said Kubanichbek Mamedov, Head of the Agro Development Department of Kara-Suu rayon of Osh oblast.

The cooperative “Zoloto Doliny”, which units more than 150 farmers (11 women), received more than 3000 tons of crop last year. This membership organization together with other partners, provides services to members and other producers of agricultural products in the south of the Kyrgyz Republic on mechanized cultivation of maize, the implementation of production materials for the cultivation, drying and storage of maize. It also establishes sales processes for external and domestic markets.

Farmers sell their products to large consumers at a competitive price, which leads to the inclusive growth of the community through increase of corn production.

 “The mobile grain drying equipment was provided to the cooperative “Zoloto Doliny” last autumn by UNDP “Aid for Trade” project in the framework of value chain on corn. Such equipment for drying grain is the first in the south of the Kyrgyz Republic, and we believe that it will become an effective tool for obtaining high-quality corn grain with necessary condition and humidity, that is ready for sale immediately after the harvest. It means that farmers increase their income, without wasting time on a traditional drying of grains in the open air and do not depend on weather,”- said Azamat Kasymov, “Aid for Trade” Project Coordinator of UNDP Osh Area-Based Development Programme.

“Aid for Trade” project is a part of the regional programme (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan), which facilitates promotion and implementation of approaches for sustainable development in trade policy with regard to regional and international trade agreements, and a focus on the development of domestic agricultural products export.

Mavliuda Khodzhaeva, UNDP PR/Communications Specialist, Osh Area Based Developemnt Programme, Photo Credit: Mavliuda Khodzhaeva

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