“Another day is over and we can’t quit playing the game ...”- can be heard in the households of “Baltagulov” Ayil Aimak

Sep 7, 2016

Photo Credit: Umutai Dauletova

In Aiyl Aimak “Baltagulov”, Ala-Buka rayon of Jalal-Abad oblast, women are trained on exercising women’s rights. It is planned to coach more than 2,000 households.

The results exceeded all expectations of women. Even those who couldn’t participate in such gatherings (women with small children, women with disabilities, elderly women) come together to play the game “I am a voter”.

Participants enthusiastically discuss the whole process of gaming, compare situations they fall in with the moments in their own lives, rooting for a particular character. In the course of the game players and fans make conclusions that awaits them if they do not go to the polls for some reason, or “sell their votes”, exchange their votes for lottery tickets and etc.

“Participants not only gain in receiving information on women's rights - they discuss this particular theme together and communicate with each other more than ever before.  Men say they feel a bit neglected, since so much attention is paid to women, but they do not hesitate in joining the game,” – shares her opinion the citizen of AA “Baltagulov”.

“It's so interesting and useful”, “the entire village is playing this game and it is useful, since it teaches us our voting rights”, “It is necessary to participate in the upcoming elections, thy must be interesting” – are being heard in the villages.

Such campaigns were conducted in 2015, before parliamentary elections, and the locals already recognize volunteers-community members. They not only participate in the events but are eager to help with organization. If last year the volunteers went into the courtyard and talked to women individually, this year groups of 7-10 women come together and are being informed about the project and play the game – “I am a voter”.

This board game is a new, interactive method of conveying information to the public, it is very easy to use and seem to be quite fascinating.

This information work will also be carried out in several other villages and will cover more than 8000 residents of households.

Public Foundation "NGO Coordination Support Center", has trained about 20 local leaders and a team of volunteers to carry out such activities, which included door-to-door visits and dialogues.

This campaign is being carried out in the framework of the UNDP/UNICEF project “Women as peaceful voters; women as candidates” under the financial support of the Peacebuilding Fund.

Umutai Dauletova, UNDP Gender Mainstreaming Specialist


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