Osh - 2016: Communications of Public Councils with NGOs & Media to be established

Aug 1, 2016

“Public councils and civil society organizations need strong communication and cooperation for the realization of common goals for the benefit of the country,” - said Tatiana Temirova, a member of the Commission for the selection of members for the public councils of government bodies of the Kyrgyz Republic. During the meeting, she also cited the example of the eastern truth, discussing the twig which can break down easily alone, and a bunch of sticks is not easy to bend.

Meeting of the Coordinating Council and the community councils for the selection of members of the Commission in the public councils of government bodies of the Kyrgyz Republic with civil society organizations in Jalal-Abad and Osh oblasts took place 27 July 2016 in Osh.

During the meeting, participants discussed the poor broadcast of councils’ activity, the need to disseminate information about the activities of public councils, the importance of establishing communications of public councils with the media and NGOs. Participants also expressed their aspiration to make the text of the strategic plan of public councils clearer, as well as to conduct such workshops in other oblasts.

“Public councils path is not easy, and despite the fact that this movement is based on volunteering - I encourage non-governmental sector in Osh and Jalal-Abad to actively cooperate and become members of public councils," - said Tolonbek Abdyrov, a member of the Coordinating Council of the public councils of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Members of the public councils of the Ministry of Emergency Situations shared the results of its activities with the participants of the event, who also asked about the role of the coordinating council, the composition of the commission for the selection of members to the public councils and interested in what government bodies the public councils are not represented.

In addition, participants noted the importance of the usage of the regional distribution list of civil forum, which comprised 24 civil society organizations from Jalal-Abad and Osh oblasts, the use of information materials, analytical instruments, and discussed areas of public councils for cooperation with NGOs of Jalal Abad and Osh oblasts, bringing them to the public councils’ activities. During the meeting it was presented the selection criteria for those wishing to become members of the public councils and the plans for 2016.

The event was organized with the support of the UNDP project “Improving the rule of law and access to justice for sustainable peace”, funded by the Peacebuilding Fund (PBSO) of the United Nations.

The meeting was attended by the following NGOs:

ОФ «Интеграция»
Общественный Центр Защиты Прав Потребителей энергии ОФ «ЮНИСОН»
Агентство стратегических инициатив «Евразия»
Центр Женских Инициатив «АЯЛЗАТ»
Ошский филиал  «МЦ ИНТЕРБИЛИМ»
ОО «Вестники мира»
NGO «Энсан Диамонд»
PF «Благодать»
PF «За международную толерантность»             
PF «Луч соломона»
PF «Семья каждому ребенку»
PF «Центр содействия международ-ной защите»
NGO «Келечек мекеме»
NGO «Центр развития консалтинга и интерактивного обучения»
NGO «Юристы ферганской долины без границ»
PF «Подруга»
PF «Экологическое развитие», Информационный орхус центр
PF «Мумтаз-центр»
Public councils of the Ministry of Emergency Situation of the KR

Jamilya Arbanalieva, Civil society expert, UNDP “Democratic Governance” Programme, Photo Credit: Jamilya Arbanalieva 

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