Karamyk: drinking water at an altitude of 2250 meters above sea level

Jul 10, 2016

Photo Credit: Mavliuda Khodzhaeva

2,800 people residing in Karamyk village, local hospital, and high school for 700 students and 90 pre-school children now have access to drinking water.

Official opening ceremony of the drinking water supply system was held in Karamyk village of Zhekendi Ayil Aimak in Chon-Alay district of Osh oblast in the framework of “Improving access to drinking water in rural areas of Kyrgyzstan sanitation and hygiene” project.

Representatives of the local self-governments, the department of drinking water supply and sanitation, international organizations and the local community attended the event.

“We are grateful to all the organizations that were involved in this project and that they are not left behind the problem of access of drinking water supply in our community. It is important to mention Karamyk is the first village, where now there is safe drinking water in Zhekendi Ayil Aimak, which includes five villages in total. This project has increased trust of the population in relation to the local authorities. The inhabitants of other villages already start applying to us with an initiative to duplicate this project in their community,”- said the head of Zhekendi AA Akmatov Nurgazy during the opening ceremony.

Karamyk village is one of the most remote border villages of the Kyrgyz Republic. There are 2,800 residents living at an altitude of 2250 meters above the sea level. Residents of this village experienced difficulties due to lack of access to safe drinking water.

To resolve this issue the Coca-Cola Company has allocated 5 million KGS, WFP has provided 40,121 kg of food to 164 vulnerable families, who were then involved in the construction of water supply system as a community volunteers. Program Mountain Societies Development Support Kyrgyzstan – Aga Khan Foundation Initiative together with UNDP co-financed operational costs and provided technical support to Zhekendi AO in the project. The local budget of Zhekendi AA and community had contributed 800,000 KGS to the project.

“Having safe drinking water in our village is a great event for all of us. The teachers of our kindergarten had to spend a lot of time during the working day, to bring the water for use in the kindergarten. Now they spend more time teaching the children. We often faced the problem of intestinal infections. After the provision of safe water in our community, such cases have decreased significantly,” - the director of Kramayk kindergarten, Jakypova Dilyaram shared her thoughts.

Mavliuda Khodzhaeva, Communications Specialist of UNDP Area-Based Development Programme, Akjol Joroev, Communications and Outreach Officer of the Aga-Khan Development Network

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