Tokmok-2016: Denis Minin has opened street workout sport ground

Jul 7, 2016

Photo Credit: Altynai Nanaeva

The new street workout sport ground was opened on the territory of the youth centre in Tokmok. Now citizens have a good opportunity to do sport using necessary facilities as bars, parallel bars, wall bars and many more.     

The opening ceremony was held under slogan: “Youth for healthy life, against religious radicalism and extremism”.

The main guest of the ceremony was Denis Minin, the founder of the «World Street Workout» Organization and the World Movement “For Healthy Living”.

The day before Denis Minin met with more than 80 representatives of youth and shared his life experience talking about the principles of healthy life, self-discipline and everyday routine work for attracting new followers of his movement.

“The main advantage of the street workout is its availability. Sport facilities are available in every backyard and every teenager can do sport becoming healthier every day. The State Agency will support the development of street workout movement,” - said Kanat Amankulov, the Director of the State Agency on Youth Affairs, Physical Culture and Sport under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic. Kanat Amankulov by his own example demonstrated an excellent physical condition chinning up on a bar with street workout sportsmen.

The main mission of the street workout movement is advocacy for healthy living, mental and ethic development of youth. The main focus is made on work with one’s own weight and development of will power and persistence. In the Kyrgyz Republic the street workout movement is becoming popular. Since the establishment of the street workout movement in 2013 there are more than 6000 young people around our country, who following the movement.

Eight young and ambitious workout sportsmen participated in a battle for the first place during the opening ceremony. Every participant demonstrated all his skills in one minute. The battle for the first place developed between two cousins – Maksat Kadyrov and Karek Abylgaziev. Finally Karek Abylgaziev won and took his cup from Denis Minin.  

“I’ve been doing street workout for six years. The most attractive thing for me is that I don’t pay money for my exercises and I can do workout any time and everywhere. Recently I have created my own team “Tonus” and planning to find more followers to participate in international street workout competition,” - shared his plans the winner Karek Abylgaziev.  

The opening of the street workout sport ground has become a final stage of street workout tour along Chui, Naryn, Osh and Jalalabad oblasts with participation of coachers of the Street Workout Federation in the Kyrgyz Republic, the State Agency on Youth Affairs, Physical Culture and Sport under the KR Government within UNDP/UNFPA/UNISEF “Youth for Peaceful Changes” Project implementation.

Altynai Nanaeva, UNDP Peace and Development Communication Specialist

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