Public Councils of the Ministry of Justice presented the results

Jul 1, 2016

Photo Credit: Jamilya Arbanalieva, Civil society expert, UNDP “Democratic Governance” Programme

Recently, at a working meeting with the leadership of the Ministry, public councils presented the results of evaluation of activities of departments of the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic, such as the office of notaries and the barristers, as well as Chui-Bishkek Department of Justice.

“I am pleased the results of our work on public evaluation of the Ministry of Justice departments have received a positive response from the Deputy Minister of Justice, Head of the notaries and the barristers, and the deputy chief of the Bishkek-Chui Department of Justice. Moreover, the deputy minister said that he was glad about such effective cooperation, and that all the recommendations of our Board of proposals would not be ignored,”, - said Aida Rustemova, member of the Public councils under the Ministry of Justice.

The aim of this work was to increase the transparency of the Ministry as a whole and to ensure effective interaction with the agency's citizens.

After analyzing the results of the quality and accessibility of public services provided to thecitizens, the efficiency and effectiveness of the departments, the level of competence of employees, the Public Councils made recommendations on optimization of the operation of the departments.

Here are some recommendations that were presented to the public by the Councils:

∙ Establish feedback channels with public authorities (feedback, suggestions books/boxes);
∙ Consider the possibility of payment for services rendered in the establishment through POS-terminals, electronic purses (Elsom, Mobilnik, Doshcard, etc.);
∙ Provide the opportunity to seek online advice/create call-centre;
∙ Organize online filing and verification of documents submitted at the same time the application is submitted;
∙ Carry out work in the part of the introduction and use of ICT and document management systems.

Working with community councils also is being continued in the framework of cooperation the UNDP project “Improvement of the rule of law and access to justice for sustainable peace”, funded by the United Nations Peace-building Fund together with the Public Council of the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Jamilya Arbanalieva, Civil society expert, UNDP “Democratic Governance” Programme

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