Warm classrooms for pupils in Orlovka

May 26, 2016

Photo Credit: Mirlan Dyikanbaev

The buildings of secondary schools #1 named “Kudryashov” and #2 named “Orlovka in the city of Orlovka of Kemin rayon have been renovated. As a result, all old wooden windows in two schools were replaced with new ones made of metal plastic.

As explained by Pavel Popov – Director of the secondary school #1, windows in the school building were installed in 1964, and since then, they have remained practically unchanged. “As a result of half a century of existence, the school window units worn out and completely fallen into disrepair. Sometimes, during heavy rain, water leaked into rooms through the old window frames. During cold weather, because of low temperature inside classes, attendance of pupils decreased sharply, up to 30 percent. In the winter time, we had to reduce academic hours, the children began to hurt. It resulted into the poor quality of students' knowledge, the lag in the school curriculum,” - says Pavel Popov.

Two city schools have replaced 95 window units for a total amount of 1 million 671 thousand Kyrgyz som. As a result, there were created favorable conditions for the educational process for 1185 pupils and 105 teachers.  

“It is not a matter of having a cosmetic effect, but first and foremost, to create a comfortable environment for the education of children and the protection of their health. I would like to note that about 95% of all the teachers are represented by women. After replacing the old windows, the school has become much warmer, lighter and more convenient both for children and teacher during lessons. As a result of reducing the heat loss, we expect reduction in heating costs. Temperature has been normalized in rooms. It became comfortable to study for pupils, and now we see it,” - says Galina Shakun – Director of the secondary school #2.

The project “Socio-economic development of communities around radioactive sites” is funded by the Russian Government and implemented by UNDP. This project is aimed at creating conditions for sustainable development of the municipalities located near radioactive tailings - the city of Orlovka and the Min-Kush, Kadji-Sai and Ak-Tyuz villages and has been implemented since 2015.

Within the project, currently it is provided grant support to local self-governments and a number of local communities for the rehabilitation of education and health facilities, the establishment of business enterprises and creation of new jobs. Also, today, it is taken measures on improvement of the access to clean drinking water by residents of these settlements.

Detailed information about the project is presented on the website of UNDP in the Kyrgyz Republic at the link below:


Mirlan Dyikanbaev, UNDP Naryn Area-Based Development Programme Media Expert

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