Press officers of ministries and government agencies continue to work on ways of promoting sustainable development

Jul 4, 2014

Photo credit: Flickr user Nerdbots

During June 19-21 Issyk-Kul hosted a seminar on issues related to communication of main principles and values ​​of the country’s main strategic documents: National Strategy for Sustainable Development 2013-2017 and Programme on Transition to Sustainable Development. Press secretaries of all ministries and departments, as well as oblast administrations attended the meeting.

The main purpose of the event is to help participants gain new skills and knowledge in the field of communications, understanding of issues and trends, as well as improve their interaction with stakeholders in the field of sustainable development. The seminar was organized by UNDP in Kyrgyzstan in cooperation with the information support department of the Government Office.

Planning communications in public healthcare

One of the most important topics of the seminar was planning of strategic communications for each institution in accordance with the development strategy. Strategic planning, primarily intended to promote good governance and the implementation process of the mission objectives of the organization, aimed at finding new initiatives and the corresponding changes in the external environment, as well as to identify ways to overcome the obstacles and contradictions. A striking example is the Minster’s Commitments and Actions Plan approved by Prime Minister approved Jomart Otorbaev as part of the Open Government policy. This document presents the obligations of each minister in terms of clear, realistic, ambitious and human-friendly goals and objectives for 2014.

According to the spokesman for the Ministry of Healthcare Anarbek Alimahunov, the country’s 2013-2017 transition programme reflects all components of the healthcare sector and directions that helps in defining the goals and objectives of the ministry.

“The programme says that the work in our sector today is "largely focused on the practice of medicine and disease prevention has received little attention" and this workshop will help us to improve the professional skills, as well as apply the knowledge in strategic planning to address such gaps" he said.

Communicating effectively
The main topic of the seminar was the national policy on sustainable development, which largely relies on the government press services in terms of informing the public. In these conditions it is necessary to strengthen the capacity of staff responsible for reporting ministries and departments.

Besides, the participants thoroughly discussed the issues of practical PR, including approaches to PR, monitoring and evaluation of performance and crisis PR. Particular attention was paid to "team building", aimed at improving internal collaboration, communication, positive attitude and maintaining team spirit among press officers of ministries and departments.

Organizers plan to continue these seminars to further strengthen the capacity of staff of government press services to ensure an integrated approach to communications.