Improving pre-school education: a kindergarten in Djal village of Sokuluk district was renovated and ready to accommodate 150 children

Sep 5, 2013

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – A renovated kindergarten with improved sanitary conditions that can accommodate 150 kids opened in Djal village of Sokuluk district, Chui oblast. Renovation of the kindergarten is one of the best examples of how people can participate in decision making processes to improve access to services at a municipal level.

Renovation works were launched as part of the initiative on improvement of access to preschool education. It was supported by Social Justice Demonstration Fund of the EU-UN good governance project, while the local community and aiyl okmotu provided more than 20% of the total cost. It was decided not only to renovate the building, but also form one more group to accommodated 150 kids.

Before the renovation, there were only three groups in Djal kindergarten and it could accommodated only 120 children. It did not have a water supply system, while toilets were outside. Absence of water and sewage systems led to sanitation problems. After the rnovation, the kindergarten now has a running cold water, sanitation and sewage systems as well as boilers for hot water.

«It is really a great event for us. Our children will attend comfortable day-care center, they will get sick less and parents will request less sick leaves. Usually in winter time, only 35-40 childre out of 120 attend the center, the rest stay sick at home. I think this winter, situation will change to better”said the day-care center’s nurse and a member of the project group Nurila Kartanbaeva.

Currently 206 children from Djal and neighboring villages are in the waiting list of Djal preschool education establishment, out of which 30 will be accepted this September. 

Implementation of the project on improving access to pre-school education became possible thanks to joint efforts of local population and local self-government. As a result fo a series of planning events with participation of local community, initiative groups, civil society and ayil okmotu staff, the village district now has a service improvement action plan. Improvement of the quality and access to preschool education was listed as a priority.     

This project on improvement of access to preschool education was implemented with the financial support of the Social Justice Demonstration Fund (SJDF) of the EU-UN project. SJDF was established to finance service improvement initiatives in 30 pilot municipalities.By this time, SJDF supported 26 projects across the country for the total sum of EURO 104,170  (USD 142,115).  

“Operationilising Good Governance for Social Justice” Project was launched in October 2011 and will be implemented during 36 months until October 2014. The Project aims to increase and render more equitable rights to public services for citizens, especially for vulnerable groups - women, youth and children in 30 rural municipalities in 7 regions of Kyrgyzstan. This project is implemented by UN Agencies - UNDP, UNICEF, UN Women and UNESCO. The European Union co-finances this project together with the above-mentioned UN agencies.

For more information please address Asylgul Akinjanova, project communication specialist at 0312 694373 (+119) or by e-mail

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