Final workshop on macro and micro simulation for achievement of MDGs in Kyrgyzstan took place in Bishkek

Jun 25, 2013

Participants of the workshop.

The final workshop on macro and micro simulation to assess development support measures and strategies took place on June 25, 2013 in Bishkek. It was the closing workshop of the 14 others that were organized in 2012-2013 for staff of the key ministries and agencies with involvement of the representatives of scientific and educational institutions. The training courses were aimed at practical application of MAMS (Maquette for MDG Simulations), which incorporates a special module that specifies the main determinants of MDG achievement and the direct impact of enhanced public expenditures on MDG-related infrastructure and services. On the closing workshop the participants presented and discussed results of the adoption of the model in different sectors of economy: healthcare, education, social development and economy.

Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the Kyrgyz Republic requires consideration of four policies: (i) promotion of economic growth, (ii) increased domestic financing of MDG-related sectors through redistribution of resources between sectors, (iii) increase in cost efficiency of social policies, and (iv) increased attraction of foreign aid. It is expected that progress towards the MDGs will be slowed down because of the global economic downturn. The cost of achieving these goals could rise commensurately by about 0.5 to 1.5 percent of GDP in required additional public spending per year between 2010 and 2015—on top of previously estimated public spending requirements.

Under these circumstances it is necessary to strengthen the capacity of staff of relevant ministries in forecasting and responding to the global economic crisis and other external threats (including threats related to high prices for food and raw materials, decline in export demand, decrease in transfer of funds), in order to avoid decline in the level of human development.

“Kyrgyzstan has signed the commitments on achievement of the MDGs by 2015 and government efforts to fulfill its commitments. And based on this aim the project is very important as application of the Marquette allows accounting different socio-economic policies and chose the substantiate model for Kyrgyzstan. The most urgent issue was lack of professionals in this field, thanks to this trainings we are solving it” expressed his opinion Mr. Tolkun Abdygulov, Head of Department of Economy and Investments of the Governments Office of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The workshop was organized by the Ministry of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic jointly with UNDP and UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN-DESA/DPAD) as part of activities on analytical capacity building of staff of the ministries and agencies.

The staff of the Ministry of Economy, Finance, Health, Education and Science, and Social Development, representatives of the higher educational institutions participated in the workshop.

Ms. Ismailahunova Saida, Head of the Department of Macroeconomic Analysis and Monitoring of Government Programs of the Senior Management of Fiscal Policy of the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic focused her attention: "It is necessary adaptation of the model because it covers both as micro and so macro modeling, which is quite difficult."

Note: The project «Assessing Development Strategies to Achieve the MDGs in Asia" was implemented in 2009-2010 (the first phase) in the Kyrgyz Republic, the Philippines and the Republic of Uzbekistan in order to develop a computable general equilibrium model developed by the World Bank. This model was adjusted to the country situation and was calibrated with data of the Kyrgyz Republic. The exercise enabled the analysis of selected MDGs for extreme poverty (MDG1), primary education completion (MDG2), under-five and maternal mortality (MDGs 4 and 5, respectively), and access to safe water and sanitation (MDGs 7a and 7b, respectively).

The project "Strengthening of macroeconomic and social policies through macro and micro simulation in Kyrgyzstan" is implemented in Kyrgyzstan in 2012-2013 according to the request of the Ministry of Economic Regulation of the Kyrgyz Republic to enhance skills of key ministries, scientific and educational institutions in the field of economic modeling.

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