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Government takes responsibility on improving

2019 becomes truly historic for Kyrgyzstan people. The government of the Republic ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which joined 8 years ago, in 2011.  

Best practices of Russia for Kyrgyz fields

One of the major priority areas of UNDP on integrated development is supporting the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in sustainable development of agriculture in Osh oblast. As known, it is one of…  

To hear the world through the sign language

According to official data of the Kyrgyz Society for the Blind and Deaf, more than 5 thousand persons with vision disabilities and more than 4 thousand citizens with hearing disabilities are…  

Invisible rescue force of dispatch service 112

It is so accepted in our country that the work in a rescue service is purely masculine. However, not only strong and fearless men work in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, strong and fearless…  

Saving lives and being a person liable for

There are certain stereotypes about the "male" and "female" professions in society. For example, people are used to seeing women in the education sphere, in certain areas of medicine.  

Contemporary Kyrgyzstan: keeping religion

“Today’s Kyrgyzstan is a country where religion and the state are separate. The state takes a neutral position in matters of religion, does not give preference to any religion and abstains from…  

The Convention is a road map to realize the rights and freedoms

Upon ratification of the Convention, the country will have to adopt a number of laws to create a physical accessible environment in the buildings and structures, to introduce inclusive education, to…  

Youth Center opened in Bishkek

Mirlan Parkhanov, Deputy Director of the State Agency, welcomed the guests to the new center and provided introductory information. He noted that the center has a large and small conference rooms, an…  

Effective Coordination will Improve the Quality of Free Legal Aid

“We want to unite the efforts of all entities working in our country in the field of providing free legal aid. MoJ FLA Center intends to actively cooperate with the representatives of the civil sector…  

In the making of regions: childhood, warmed by green technologies

In Kemin district, a children's preschool institution was opened with the support of UNDP. It became one of the newest energy-efficient facilities of preschool education.  

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