• Vulnerable groups’ rights are in zone of constant risk Nov 10, 2017

    «In my childhood, I didn’t feel my disability among my family. However, outside our home, I feel myself in a zoo. People stared, perked their fingers at me and asked whether I can read and write. Now society has changed its attitude and I don’t feel such infringements. Nevertheless, there are still differences. In Western countries, people have a different attitude to people with disabilities. They do not pay attention to disability and treat them like any other ordinary person. In our society people treat to disabled persons like a hero, who overcomes all obstacles, or like a wretched person who needs a help" - said Seinep Dyikanbaeva during a discussion of the history and status of people with disabilities’ rights in "Summer School of Law".

  • The forest map goes digital Oct 26, 2017

    To launch a single database, 6 desktops of increased capacity and additional equipment were handed over to the forestry of the country.

  • Transparent elections as basis of country’s welfare Oct 22, 2017

    Presidential elections took place 15 October 2017 in the Kyrgyz Republic that supported peaceful transition of power.

  • Journalists to get in-depth knowledge in “Green” economy Sep 11, 2017

    Journalists in Osh learned about “green” economy, how to cover it and acquainted with the relevant technologies that are already being used in the Kyrgyz Republic.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio calls on 12 heads of state to gather in the Kyrgyz Republic to save snow leopards Aug 11, 2017

    Well-known Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio calls to sign the Save snow leopards petition. The petition goes to 12 leaders of countries where snow leopards live and who will gather at the international snow leopard forum in Bishkek 23-25 August.

  • Snow leopard shall raise green investments Aug 7, 2017

    Senior officials from 12 snow leopard range countries have held a meeting in Bishkek 2-3 August. They finalized the agenda and policy documents for the 2017 International Snow Leopard & Ecosystem Forum, scheduled for later this month.

  • Biofin to guard fauna and flora Aug 1, 2017

    USD 140 million is the annual cost of ecosystem services for the National Park in Chon-kemin - the habitat for unique species of flora and fauna, including snow leopard.

  • eGov: Japan, SRS and UNDP considered interim results Jul 28, 2017

    Representatives of the Embassy of Japan, State Registration Service, State Enterprise “Infocom” and UNDP discussed the interim results of the project, which underpins the buildup of e-government in the Kyrgyz Republic.

  • Data visualization: Press-services of state bodies and journalists of Central Asia have mastered their skills in multi-media tools Jul 17, 2017

    Representatives of press services of state bodies, national TV channels of Central Asian countries gained knowledge on working with new media for timely info distribution about emergency situations, the environment and natural resources.

  • Solar energy for yummy breakfasts Jul 10, 2017

    Social institutes in Orlovka, Kadzhi -Sai and Ak-Tyuz are gradually shifting towards using alternative sources of energy. Solar systems for heating the water have been installed in 4 kindergartens, 2 secondary schools and 2 health facilities of the above-mentioned settlements.

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