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UNDP supports education for rural youth

The opening of the E-library and educational workshops for future turners, carpenters and mechanics were held on 18 February 2019 at the vocational schools №62 in Uzgen district and №58 in Jany-Nookat…  

LSG workers went through the special training on financial literacy

UNDP together with the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic conducted a series of educational sessions for trainers with the participation of LSG employees of the pilot municipalities of the…  

To hear the world through the sign language, to see the world through the finger tips

According to official data of the Kyrgyz Society for the Blind and Deaf, more than 5 thousand persons with vision disabilities and more than 4 thousand citizens with hearing disabilities are…  

4622 people received legal assistance during the Decade of free legal aid

The Ministry of Justice’s Center for Coordination of State-Guaranteed Legal Aid held the Annual Decade of Legal Assistance from December 3-10, 2018. During the decade, 4,622 people received free…  

A two-day workshop on biodiversity and forestry was held in Bishkek

On December 5-6, 2018, a two-day seminar on capacity building and raising awareness in the field of biodiversity conservation and forestry in Kyrgyzstan was held in Bishkek.  

Saving lives and being a person liable for military duty is a special feeling"

There are certain stereotypes about the "male" and "female" professions in society. For example, people are used to seeing women in the education sphere, in certain areas of medicine. There is a…  

Hi-level Forum was held in Bishkek as a part of Kyrgyz textile and clothing week

Hi-level Forum with the participation of the prime-minister of the Kyrgyz Republic was held on November 16 in Biishkek.  

Training on new criminal legislation was held for law enforcement officers

A three-day training program covered all legislative innovations and aspects of reform.  

Contemporary Kyrgyzstan: keeping religion separate from the state

“Today’s Kyrgyzstan is a country where religion and the state are separate. The state takes a neutral position in matters of religion, does not give preference to any religion and abstains from…  

International Day of Women's Entrepreneurship was held in four cities of Kyrgyzstan

In 2018, Kyrgyzstan joined the celebration of International Day of Women's Entrepreneurship, which is celebrated on November 19 throughout the world. Thus, in four cities of the country: Bishkek, Osh,…  

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