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Field Day - 2018: new horizons for agro development

Entrepreneurs from the agricultural sector of Osh oblast learned about the latest achievements in agricultural production in Lipetsk.  

UK and UNDP will contribute to the Judicial / Legal reform as part of deepening accountability in the implementation of the rule of law in Kyrgyzstan

Today the UK Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic and UNDP in the Kyrgyz Republic signed an agreement to continue cooperation in strengthening the integrated implementation of judicial and legal reforms,…  

Off-roads Guard Natural Parks

In the frames of the International Day for Biodiversity, the natural parks Alatai in Toktogul district and Kan-Achuu in Toguz-Toro district received two new Nissan Hardbody vehicles. The handing over…  

Natural parks have their game face on

How do we define effectiveness of natural parks in the country? How to optimize and improve their work? How to create an electronic database of animals and plants in Special Protected Nature Areas?  

Mercury thermometer: a good doctor or epic disaster

Facebook users have raised the problem of recycling mercury thermometers: solution is found!  

Coordination with the national partners

On May 14, 2018 the first Board Meeting of the UNDP Programme "Integrated Development of Osh Oblast", funded by the Russian Federation, was held in the conference hall of the Office of the…  

From a rightless child to a rightful citizen

“I was totally devastated and felt lost when learned my daughter was diagnosed cerebral palsy. I tried to avoid any thoughts about future and just live everyday life. I could not accept reality and…  

People should treat each other with kindness and respect

Seinep Dyikanbaeva, Programme Manager and Lawyer of the “Association of Parents of Disabled-Children”. Seinep consults people with disabilities on daily basis. Despite the fact that Seinep has an…  

Wanting a new smartphone: is it a hot-button issue?

Mankind produced 4.5 thousand Eiffel towers of electronic waste – about 6.1 kilograms per inhabitant of the planet in 2016 according to the report of the United Nations Global Electronic Waste Monitor…  

Modern equipment for hospitals in Osh oblast

On April 13, an official hand over of medical equipment to 10 health organizations of the Kara-Kulzhinsky, Uzgen and Nookat districts of the Osh oblast was held in the Osh interdepartmental joint…  

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