In 2011 UNDP in Kyrgyzstan became a primary recipient of Global Fund grants on HIV, TB and Malaria for Kyrgyzstan. In partnership with government authorities and non-governmental organizations UNDP helps to prevent spread of HIV, TB and malaria by tackling the problems not only from medical standpoint, but also from socio-economic perspective.

Our Goals

UNDP’s work in the area of fighting HIV, TB and malaria is aimed at decreasing incidences of infections and sustaining already registered cases in the country via expansion of available services to vulnerable populations, improving universal access to treatment and strengthening national institutions.more


Part of a slideshow on the World TB day.

Our Stories

  • National Programme on Prevention of HIV in Kyrgyzstan.

    Kyrgyzstan: Reducing Harm from HIV

    When he learned that he had acquired HIV from injecting drugs, 35-year-old Mirlan (not his real name) sought help from the Regional AIDS Prevention Centre inmore

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