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Back to Peace through Rebuilding Trust: Women and Youth in Batken

Women and youth in the remote southern villages of Iskra and Andarak in Kyrgyzstan are organized into the initiative self-help groups since September 2012 as part of local community peace building efforts. The women’s self-help groups in two villages that included unemployed representatives of two emore


Initiative and effective work with local self-government helped residents of Chorgochu village to bring big changes

Recently residents of a remote small village of Chorgochu in Jalal-Abad province installed a new power line and a transformer in their village. Electric light, without which many cannot imagine their lives, was first introduced to houses of about 20 families living on the outskirts of the village. Pmore


Kyrgyzstan: Bridging the Gap Between Government and People

Bekzat Usenkanov, 35, says he never thought that one day he would become a public watchdog because his keen interest has always been in new communication technologies. He spent several years studying abroad. Upon return to Kyrgyzstan, Mr. Usenkanov encountered problems when he attempted to start a pmore