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  • Aug 15, 2017

    In May 2013 head of Zhapa-Saldy village in Jalal-Abad province opened a concrete canal that delivers irrigation water to two villages: Zhapa-Saldy and Kyzyl-Ata. Covering the canal with concrete helped reduce the loss of water by 40-50% and provide improved access to irrigation water for 3,000 residents. This will help irrigate larger areas of land and eliminate one of the most frequent causes of inter-ethnic conflicts.

  • Aug 15, 2017

    Religion has been increasingly penetrating our everyday life. Over the past twenty years we have turned from the country of total atheism to an islet where the various faiths, traditional as well as imported from abroad, peacefully coexist. Situation with religion in Kyrgyzstan remains ambiguous. Therefore consolidation of government authorities, religious and non-governmental organizations to deal with this issue is critical, as it should be a key factor for stabilization, strengthening of interethnic and interconfessional peace and conflict prevention in the country.

  • Aug 14, 2017

    When you live in a remote transborder village, you may not expect to get well-paid work. It seemsthat you have no opportunities and the only way to earn for living – is to move to the capital or abroad. Arapov Bekjan , a resident of transborder Ak-Sai village of Batken district, thought the same until the time he heard about the possibility to get grant resources to start own business about five months ago. Bekjan is 31 years old, owner of a small grocery store. Having an economic background he never worked in this particular field. Bekjan shares that up to this moment he was always satisfied with life, but had a feeling that he must to achieve something more.

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