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3000 residents of Ak-Tam village district have improved access to irrigation water – one of the main causes of inter-ethnic conflicts

In May 2013 head of Zhapa-Saldy village in Jalal-Abad province opened a concrete canal that delivers irrigation water to two villages: Zhapa-Saldy and Kyzyl-Ata. Covering the canal with concrete helped reduce the loss of water by 40-50% and provide improved access to irrigation water for 3,000 residmore


Back to Peace through Rebuilding Trust: Women and Youth in Batken

Women and youth in the remote southern villages of Iskra and Andarak in Kyrgyzstan are organized into the initiative self-help groups since September 2012 as part of local community peace building efforts. The women’s self-help groups in two villages that included unemployed representatives of two emore


Local Communities in the South of Kyrgyzstan Discuss Importance of Religious Tolerance for Peace

Religion has been increasingly penetrating our everyday life. Over the past twenty years we have turned from the country of total atheism to an islet where the various faiths, traditional as well as imported from abroad, peacefully coexist. Situation with religion in Kyrgyzstan remains ambiguous.&nbmore


The Road to Peace

A 2,100-meter long road that connects three villages of Kenesh village district in the south of Kyrgyzstan has not been renovated for the last 30 years. Villagers tried to fix it from time to time with their own funds but collecting money has always been a painful process because of tensions betweenmore

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