Climate and Disaster Resilience

Building resilience to conflicts and disasters is at the very heart of UNDP's work. We work with national and international partners to prevent, manage and recover from conflicts, natural disasters and other emergency situations. UNDP leads various initiatives to conflict-sensitive policy development and provides technical assistance strengthen capacity of government institutions.

Our Goals

Our work on peace and development seeks to support the development of the national capacity to identify, understand and peacefully respond to conflicts and their root causes. We also aim at enhancing coordination of response to natural disasters in the country. All our initiatives are focused on strengthening mechanisms and structures that contribute to social cohesion, tolerance and peace.more

A boy looking at an eroded canal in Kyzyl Tuu village of Jalal-Abad province. Credit: Kairatbek Murzakimov / UNDPmore

Our Stories

Elnur Kubanychbekova, a lifesaver
Elnur Kubanychbekova, a lifesaver
Saving lives and being a person liable for

There are certain stereotypes about the "male" and "female" professions in society. For example, people are used to seeing women in the education sphere, in certain areas of medicine. There is a pattern interrupt for people when women, and even very young ladies, work in the field such as Rescue Service.more 

Head of Tash-Bulak village Erkinkhodzha Sultanov shows planted wild almond on a landslide-prone slope. Behind him are more than 100 houses, a mosque and other social facilities and infrastructure under the threat of a landslide. Photo: Turar Bekbolotov / UNDP.
Green projects for landslide risk reduction in villages of Suzak

Residents of Kyr-Jol village Suranov Kochkorbai and Kuniyev Kasymaly tell that recently occurred landslide killed 6 people. If risk reduction activities had started 5-10 years ago,more 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Democratic governance

    The center-piece of this project is to assist in shifting the focus of national and local disaster risk reduction policies and practices from post-disaster response and recovery to comprehensive disaster risk reduction, which is synergetic with climate change, poverty reduction, good governance and other interrelated dimensions, so to increase human security and safety.more 

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