Being a blood donor: if I give it, people need it

12 Jul 2016

 Photo Credit: Akyn Bakirov

“People are so busy with themselves that they do not have time to penetrate and understand others. Therefore those who have many advantages, but more modesty often remain in the shadow.”
© Jean de La Bruyère

During my study in Greece, there was organized the center for blood donation inside the campus…
Once after medical examination, I was informed that because of the low pressure I might not be admitted for blood sampling. They recommended coming after week when the pressure would be stabilized. A week later, I did not come ... I was scared. I did not know anything about the donation. Different sorts of information read from Internet, talks about bad feeling after giving blood served became an excuse for me and strengthened my fear.

Nowadays Media intensively keeps feeding us with various sorts of negative news. Especially two tragedies occurred one after another: a car accident in Kadamjai rayon, where several people died and a fire in a sewing shop in Moscow, which took the lives of the families, including the life of a child.

What happens to those who remained alive after such tragedies? Certainly, they might had serious damages, someone might lost a lot of blood.

I remembered the conversation we had with our office’s watchman. He told me how he helped once to a child who recovered later and how this act has defined his life...

There is a man in Batken who like many others live everyday life - working to support his family's needs. His life more than ordinary at first sight.  

The peculiarity of this man is his hardworking and helpfulness features. His name is Altynbek Tadzhibaev - our colleague who keeps being UNDP Batken Office watchman for 7 years.  

I decided to write about him because Altynbek is a permanent contributor who voluntarily and regularly donates his blood. In 1992 he donated blood for the first time to help his two-year old nephew who needed a blood transfusion. As a result, the little boy began to recover quickly and in a short time got to his feet. Altynbek was very happy to know about it.

He told that in the middle of the nineties in the village of Kyzyl-Jol of Batken oblast there was a case of mass poisoning of villagers. Afflicted people had a diagnosis - botulism (infectious and toxic disease). 11 people fell ill; as a result 4 adults and 1 infant child died. It was required urgent blood transfusion for citizens. At that moment without hesitation Altynbek was the first one who donated the blood. Many people were quite reluctant those days to do donation. In fact, even today, not everyone is willing to donate blood.

After the incident, Altynbek decided to donate blood voluntarily and regularly. He realized that even one person can save many lives by becoming a donor. Now he donates blood once every two months and is already on the way getting status of an honorary donor. Altynbek said he did not count how many times has donated to the national blood center in Batken. Nevertheless, medics, certainly, have their own calculation.

“I have never interested on how many people transfused with my blood, who needed my blood. It is enough for me to know that if I give it - people need it ..,” says Altynbek.

Honestly, we did not know he was a voluntary blood donor. Therefore, when during conversation we found out such good news we decided to share it. Helping others to survive, recover, at the same time not knowing a person whom you help, in certain extend is a heroism. Certainly, there are still such heroes among us.

We need to improve the conditions and to develop technical equipment of blood-centers – in practice the number of those who need blood exceeds the number of donors. Storage and maintenance of sterility during, before and after the procedure of collection and blood transfusion for both the donor and of the recipient is very important. The blood safety problem should be among national importance and achieve the legislative level. Health - is the main value of people.

I believe such blood donors transmit their kindness, brightness and generous of their soul along with their blood. Indeed, I wish there were many kind people in the world like Altynbek. Having known such individuals you believe that everything is going to be all right!

Zhazgul Khalilova, UNDP Batken Area Administrative Finance Assistant, (

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