Poverty Reduction Programme

About the project

The programme assists the government at national and local levels to create favorable conditions for vulnerable groups of people (women, youth, poor) and improve their access to resources for income generating activities (financial, employment, information).

Expected results

  • Integration of MDGs into strategies and policies;
  • Methodological documents (manuals, models, etc), educational seminars for evaluation of financial resources necessary for achieving MDGs;
  • Households and beneficiaries with low incomes gain access to financial resources, education, consultations and etc.
  • New businesses are created with emphasis on vulnerable groups of population (youth, women and other).

What we have accomplished so far

a beneficiary is demonstrating diary productsA lady is demonstrating diary products marketed with assistance of consulting centers in their village not far from Naryn city. Such centers were were organized by UNDP to help local people do business.
  • The Government and Parliament approved a Mid-Term Development Programme of KR 2012-2014 including 21 indicators related to MDGs.
    Final version of the action plan to accelerate MDG 5 was discussed at the concluding seminar.
  • Reports on the MDG Goals 1 and 8 have been drafted after consultation with UN agencies.
    Draft assessment of tourism sector with focus on local communities is ready.
  • A unified methodology of evaluating financial resources for achieving MDGs was presented and approved by the MDGs Coordination Committee under the Government.
  • 2393 households benefited from the programme intervention 1647 women (68%).
  • 799 people gained access to financial resources including 548 women (66%).
  • 446 people started new businesses including 203 which are headed by women (45%).


Year Amount (USD)
2012 447,177

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