Poverty and Environment Initiative (Kyrgyzstan)

About the project

Poverty and Environment Initiative is a global joint UNDP-UNEP initiative supporting country-level efforts to mainstream environmental management into national and sub-national planning processes through financial and technical assistance and capacity development. To foster changes in institutions, policies and investments PEI focuses on mainstreaming poverty and environment issues into national plans, sectoral strategies, environmental policies, economic decision-making and sub-national planning. PEI works closely with planning and finance ministries and provides a sustained operational support for country-led Poverty and Environments mainstreaming programmes through its three phase approach. More information on PEI is available at: http://www.unpei.org/.

The Kyrgyzstan Poverty and Environment Initiative aims to enhance the contribution of the environment to human well-being, pro-poor economic growth and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. The intended outcome of the initiative in Kyrgyzstan is the integration of poverty-environment nexus into national, sub-national, sectoral  and UN, UNDP development policy processes and document to improve environmental sustainability and ensure pro-poor economic growth.

Expected results

  • Integration of links between poverty and environment issues into planning processes in the country (on national, local levels) as well as within UN system;
  • Increasing awareness of linkages between poverty and environmental problems.

Who finances it?

Donor Amount (USD)
UNEP Poverty and Environment Inititative 900000

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