Environment Protection for Sustainable Development

About the project

  The Kyrgyz Republic Minister of Economy Temir Sariev at a Rio+20 prepartion meeting.

As part of this programme UNDP helps government and non-government institutions of Kyrgyzstan to integrate environmental sustainability and climate change resilience into pro-poor development policies. Promotion of low carbon development, sustainable natural resource management and transition to climate resilient economy via climate change adaptation strategies are three main priorities of the project.

Expected results

  • Demonstration of approaches of low carbon (emission) development in Kyrgyzstan.
  • National strategy, mechanisms and experts on climate change adaptation.
  • A number of policies that manage natural resources in a sustainable manner; local development plans with consideration of sustainability issues.

What we have accomplished so far

  • Kyrgyzstan successfully participated in the Rio+20 Conference with UNDP’s support.
  • Green low carbon development in on the national agenda, a National Council of Sustainable Development has been established by the Presidential Decree.
  • “The Autumn School of Eco-journalism” covered climate change and low carbon green development topics. 75 print/electronic media articles and videos submitted for a contest among media on climate change issues announced by UNDP.
  • Inception workshop for the Third National Communication for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.
  • Inter-agency Coordination Committee of Climate Issues has been established under the Leadership of Vice-Premier.
  • Five round tables has been organized to present the expert assessment of the sectoral vulnerability adaptation measures in various ministries.
  • Draft National Strategy on Climate Change Adaptation was presented on the National Conference on Climate Change Adaptation involving.
  • A comprehensive list of international protection of environment.
  • Presentation of the National State of Environment Report.
  • Natural Recourses Management Plan for the Kok Moinok Rural District.


Year Amount (USD)
2012 395,195
2011 53,888

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