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Socio-Economic Development

  • Проект финансируется Правительством Российской Федерации в соответствии с Рамочным соглашением о партнерстве между ПРООН и Россией Программа окажет стимулирующее воздействие, и будет служить координационной площадкой для увязки запланированных мероприятий с другими программами ПРООН и международных партнеров по развитию.

Democratic Governance

  • The project aims at institutionalising good governance reforms and practices at all levels by government and civil society organisations to reduce poverty protect rights and advance sustainable human development.

  • As part of the project UNDP shows general support to the Kyrgyz government structures and provide advisory services to the Prime Minister’s and President’s offices to ensure efficient delivery of public services to citizens and other beneficiaries. This should help the service providers strengthen their capacity and provide services effectively on their own.

  • A comprehensive rule of law programme designed to build the capacity of justice and security actors to better implement laws, conduct oversight of government and security services, combat corruption, provide service delivery and security and afford citizens and most vulnerable groups with access to justice, community security and legal empowerment.

Crisis Prevention and Recovery

  • The center-piece of this project is to assist in shifting the focus of national and local disaster risk reduction policies and practices from post-disaster response and recovery to comprehensive disaster risk reduction, which is synergetic with climate change, poverty reduction, good governance and other interrelated dimensions, so to increase human security and safety.

  • Peace and Development Programme works to address root causes of conflicts and focuses on strengthening social and political structures at all levels, as well as strengthening national capacity for peace in order to foster a "culture of peace" and to facilitate sustainable human development. The programme’s activities are aimed at developing a national strategy for conflict prevention based on results of the Peace and Development Analysis (PDA), assisting in integration of conflict prevention measures in province development plans, as well as to develop new initiatives for conflict prevention and recovery in order to find best solutions for current issues identified during the process.

HIV, TB and Malaria

Women's Empowerment

Environment and Energy

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