Operationalizing Good Governance for Social Justice

Project Summary

The project aims at institutionalising good governance reforms and practices at all levels by government and civil society organisations to reduce poverty protect rights and advance sustainable human development.

It increases and renders more equitable access to public services by repartition of benefits to vulnerable groups in three target groups (women, youth and children – with a strong consideration of minorities’ representation) in approximately 30 selected municipalities, through improved local and national good governance processes.

The project is implemented under direct management of UNDP as the Administrative Agency. Each of the three other UN agencies, UNICEF, UN WOMEN, and UNESCO, as well as UNDP will undertake key activities in the project.

Expected Results

  • Good governance. Demonstrating improvements in several governance procedures at national and municipal levels for the three target groups – women, youth and children to ensure access to quality and appropriate service delivery.
  • Strengthening capacities of government agencies andt thematic civil society networks to effectively support good governance
  • Increase awareness of general public about the requirements and results of democratic governance and social pressure for good governance.

What we have accomplished so far

As part of the project, experts developed a special methodology to identify municipal Social Justice Index (made up of 25 indicators) and tested them in 2 municipalities. There were 4 baseline assessments conducted in all 30 target municipalities that helped to identify target groups with least access to municipal services, their participation in decision-making processes, problmes of service providers etc. Computer information management systems in 30 target municipalities were upgraded to correspond to new requirements. Project staff are also working with civil society, MPs, municipal council members, government officials, media to train them on issues related to good governance and social justice. Several informational campaigns were conducted to raise public awareness about social justice and good governance concepts.

Who finances it?

Donor Amount (USD)
European Commission 7, 500, 000


Year Amount (USD)
2012             1,374,415

Status: Completed

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