Capacity Development Facility

About the project

As part of the project UNDP shows general support to the Kyrgyz government structures and provide advisory services to the Prime Minister’s and President’s offices to ensure efficient delivery of public services to citizens and other beneficiaries. This should help the service providers strengthen their capacity and provide services effectively on their own.

Expected Results

  • Professionalism, efficiency, transparency and accountability of public administration improved through policy support and capacity development.
  • Internal operations of identified state institutions improved leading to strengthened policy development and implementation.

What we have accomplished so far

National and Government Strategies

  • Support in development of the Government programme of transition to sustainable development (2013-2017) and the Action Plan of its implementation, in particular chapters on public administration, local self-governance and E-governance.
  • Establishing a dialogue platform between the Prime-minister Office, expert community and CSOs to identify priority actions on public administration reform (PAR)
  • Local self-government development programme and its action plan for 2013-2017 was developed and signed by the Prime Minister.
  • Support to the National Gender Machinery on monitoring of the implementation of the National Gender Action Plan 2012-2014 was provided. Assessment of the existing of legislation on protection from gender based violence was conducted. Based on it, the amendments to the Law on social and legal protection from family violence were developed and submitted to the stakeholders.

Optimization of public and municipal services

  • The draft Law on Public and Municipal Services initiated by the Government passed the first reading in Parliament on June 13, 2013.
  • The draft quality standards of public services, included in the Unified Registry of Public Services (369 public services in 22 ministries and agencies), are under finalization.
  • The manual on drafting and the template of the administrative regulation of provision of public service were finalized.
  • Draft methodology on civic monitoring of public service delivery has been developed.
  • Drafts of both basic municipal services' register and regulation on formation of local registry of municipal services have been developed and submitted to the Prime-Minister Office for approval.

Performance evaluation of governmental units and LSGs

  • The methodology on assessment of performance of the governmental units was updated by a group of experts based results of pilot introduction of this methodology in 2012 and approved by the Government Decree.

Civil service legislation

  • Support to the State Personnel Service of the KR was provided in development of unified draft law “On Civil and Municipal Service” within implementation of the Concept on Modernization of Civil Service of the KR approved by the President in 2011.

E-services and e-governance

  • As part of the project, UNDP helped the Prime-Minister’s Office to establish electronic public receptions network on central, regional and district levels across the country (with total number of end points is 63 across the country).
  • Draft E-Governance Strategy of the KR and Action Plan for 2014-2017 are under finalization.
  • In order to enhance the capacity of the executive managers of the state entities, including Government Office management,  on the introduction and development of the e-Governance in KR, project provided support to the Government of the KR in conducting E-Leadership week (June 3-8, 2013), which included big events like an international conference and a series of training courses.

Public Advisory Councils

  • The capacity of PACs was strengthened in their interaction with ministries through the “peer-to-peer” approach. Three seminars were provided for 27 members of various PACs. During these seminars the members of PACs discussed both good and bad practices in collaboration with ministries and agencies, and within PACs themselves.
  • The website of PACs was upgraded based on the feedback from the PAC members and CSO to provide timely and actual information on activities of PACs to the population.

Who finances it?

Donor Amount (USD)
Open Society Institute
European Union
Balance for 2013-2014 1,756,195


Year Amount (USD)
2012 1,404,625
2011 883,394
2010 302,794

Status: Completed

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