Support to National Budget Transparency

About the project

Main goal of the project is to assist the country in developing an anticorruption framework with specific focus on reduction of corruption in budgeting through transparency and improved budgetary oversight and audit. It’s expected that the project beneficiaries will become more efficient and effective in operations, especially in their common fight against corruption. It will positively contribute to stability, establishing governance in accord with the rule of law, respect of human rights and international standards. The assistance will be channeled through selected integrity and oversight institutions such as the Chamber of Accounts, the Parliament, NGOs, media and other relevant stakeholders.

Expected results

Specifically it is expected that the Project will contribute to (1) improving anticorruption strategies and implementation plans and will support efforts of state agencies and civil society organizations in establishing an operational anticorruption framework and social coalition; (2) improving budget expertise and public engagement into decision making prior to budget approval; (3) strengthening capacities of the Chamber of Accounts to conduct audit and apply international audit standards.


Year Amount (USD)
2012 160,679
Project Overview
Start Date
27 March 2012
Estimated End Date
27 March 2014
Geographic Coverage
Focus Area
Democratic Governance
Project Officer
Alexander Kashkarev
Parliament, Chamber of Accounts, NGOs