Democratic Governance

  • Operationalizing Good Governance for Social Justice

    The project aims at institutionalising good governance reforms and practices at all levels by government and civil society organisations to reduce poverty protect rights and advance sustainable human development.

  • Capacity Development Facility

    As part of the project UNDP shows general support to the Kyrgyz government structures and provide advisory services to the Prime Minister’s and President’s offices to ensure efficient delivery of public services to citizens and other beneficiaries. This should help the service providers strengthen their capacity and provide services effectively on their own.

  • Support to National Budget Transparency

    Main goal of the project is to assist the country in developing an anticorruption framework with specific focus on reduction of corruption in budgeting through transparency and improved budgetary oversight and audit. It’s expected that the project beneficiaries will become more efficient and effective in operations, especially in their common fight against corruption. It will positively contribute to stability, establishing governance in accord with the rule of law, respect of human rights and international standards. The assistance will be channeled through selected integrity and oversight institutions such as the Chamber of Accounts, the Parliament, NGOs, media and other relevant stakeholders.

  • Enhancing Democratic Rule of Law and Preventing Conflict in Kyrgyzstan

    A comprehensive rule of law programme designed to build the capacity of justice and security actors to better implement laws, conduct oversight of government and security services, combat corruption, provide service delivery and security and afford citizens and most vulnerable groups with access to justice, community security and legal empowerment.

  • Widening access to justice for legal empowerment in the Kyrgyz Republic

    The project contributes to legal empowerment of disadvantaged groups and vulnerable population in the Kyrgyz Republic with a focus on rural women, children and youth at risk, persons with disabilities.


UNDP’s work in the good governance area in Kyrgyzstan focuses on three main areas: decentralization and local self-governance, access to justice/anticorruption and parliamentary reform. Democratic Governance Programme works with the President’s Office, Prime Minister’s Office, Parliament, Ministry of Justice, General Prosecutor’s Office, Ombudsman’s Institution, other ministries and non-government organizations to help strengthen their capacity and promote democratic principles of governance.