Peace and Development Programme

About the project

Tensions and conflicts in the Kyrgyz Republic are multifaceted. UNDP in Kyrgyzstan based on its experience determined that most of the conflicts are associated with the governance, border and inter-group relations. Peace and Development Programme works to address root causes of conflicts and focuses on strengthening social and political structures at all levels, as well as strengthening national capacity for peace in order to foster a "culture of peace" and to facilitate sustainable human development. The programme’s activities are aimed at developing a national strategy for conflict prevention based on results of the Peace and Development Analysis (PDA), assisting in integration of conflict prevention measures in province development plans, as well as to develop new initiatives for conflict prevention and recovery in order to find best solutions for current issues identified during the process.

Expected results

  • Streamlined national processes and established institutions for conflict prevention and management. This will include capacity building and facilitation of dialogue and information exchange between key Government officials and Oblast Advisory Committees to discuss early warning information and initiate preventive action at the national level (mediation, dialogue, policy initiatives, etc.). Creation of a well prepared group of local mediators that can be deployed to assist in negotiations to preventing conflict and escalation of tensions.
  • Strong capacity of government institutions (President’s Office, Parliament, Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ombudsman’s Office etc.) to develop and implement policies, laws and strategies that relate to conflict prevention.

What we have accomplished so far

  • Concept of National Peacebuilding mechanism was drafted with assistance of the project.
  • A special appeal to establish conflict prevention and peace building Struture/Unit under Prime-Minister's Office was drafted and sent to President and Government.
  • 7 NGO Secretariats under OACs launched EWER projects and started preparatory work for conflict monitoring and further response.
  • UNDP in partnership with UNRCCA consulted variety of actors on development of mediation capacities.

Who finances it?

Amount (USD)
UN Multi-partner Trust Fund
Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery 317,291


Year Amount (USD)

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