Gender, Poverty and Environment in Rural Kyrgyzstan

29 Dec 2017

This research raises concerns as to how to best bring development in ways that would reduce poverty, save natural environment and bring social justice. Variously located people will be affected by global environmental degradation, economic struggles inherent for developing world and new policies. Knowledge about current situations, practices, opportunities and barriers that these people encounter in their everyday lives is will be crucial for building up sufficient understanding required to ensure fair and sustainable national programming and planning in parts of the world such as Central Asia.  

The general research questions that guide this research are “what are specific areas of inter-linkages among the issues gender equality, rural poverty and environmental degradation in the Kyrgyz Republic?” “What are gender implications for sustainable livelihoods in rural Kyrgyzstan?”, “what are gender-differentiated impacts of environmental degradation in Kyrgyzstan?”. Sub-questions include pertain to how gendered is natural resource management and access in rural Kyrgyzstan? What are the gendered effects of biodiversity loss and climate change? What risks are involved for women and men as environment continues to degrade? What is the level of knowledge, interests as well as attitudes and practices among women and men about environmental vulnerability and mitigation? 

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