Do It Yourself: A Warm House

01 Dec 2013

About the publication

The topic of "warm house" is becoming increasingly popular and foreign as well as domestic manufacturers have developed a set of complex insulation systems for houses. Today we have technologies that help insulate brick, frame, wooden and concrete buildings, as well as ready-made energy efficient constructions of houses, such as "thermohouses" with a high degree of thermal insulation etc.

Certainly, it’s better to attract professionals to construct "warm houses" or insulate existing buildings. But, unfortunately, this is not always available for the majority of Kyrgyzstan’s population. Anyone can insulating a house correctly if he or she follows the basic rules that we tried consolidate in this booklet.

The publication is designed to help each resident of Kyrgyzstan, who wants to start saving on energy consumption and interested to make his or her house warm in winter and cool in summer, i.e. create comfortable conditions.

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