Second MDG Progress Report in the Kyrgyz Republic (revised)

Published on 21 Jun 2013 / 144 pages
 MDG progress report 2011 cover

About the publication

This is the second (revised) version of the national report on progress made by Kyrgyzstan towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. The publication analyses latest trends  (2003-2008) in reducing poverty, improving maternal health, promoting gender equality, protection of environment and other goals.


The Millennium Declaration stated that by 2015, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), or at least the overwhelming majority of them, should have been reached.  The midpoint in this period has already passed and the trends that existed at that point in time already gave a good indication of the possibility that these goals will be achieved.  The first report on the progress in the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals was drafted by a group of national experts and published in 2003.

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