Millenium Development Goals


MDG Acceleration Framework: Improving Maternal Health in Kyrgyzstan

The report reflects a detailed assessment of practical solutions to a wide range of interconnected issues related to accelerating progress towards achieving MDG 5 (Improving maternal health) in Kyrgyzstan. These solutions were developed by the Ministries of Healthcare and Economy in cooperationmore


Second MDG Progress Report in the Kyrgyz Republic (revised)

This is the second (revised) version of the national report on progress made by Kyrgyzstan towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. The publication analyses latest trends  (2003-2008) in reducing poverty, improving maternal health, promoting gender equality, protection ofmore


The first Millennium Development Goals Progress Report in the Kyrgyz Republic (2003)

UN system in Kyrgyzstan and UNDP initiated the preparation of this MDGs progress report. The report is to measure the progress made since all the development players in Kyrgyzstan, along with the government, started to exert their efforts to achieve significant improvements in people’s lives. It’smore


Third Report on Progress Towards Achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Kyrgyzstan

Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is a global development agenda on reducing poverty, improving universal education and child health, expanding access to clean water, fighting malaria and AIDS. Despite much progress towards the goals, positive changes in the lives of the poorest are verymore

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Millenium Development Goals progress reports present the most comprehensive assessment of progress in the country to date, based on data provided by a large number of international organizations within and outside the United Nations system. The aggregate figures in the report provide an overview of country progress under the eight goals and are a convenient way to track advances over time. The report is coordinated and published by the United Nations system in the Kyrgyz Republic.