The National Report on the State of the Environment of the Kyrgyz Republic for 2006-2011

25 Dec 2014

About the report

The National Report on the State of the Environment is based on environmental indicators and can help to assessing status of the environment conditions and trends. It analyzes the situation in the following areas: air pollution and ozone depletion, climate change, water resources, biodiversity, land resources, agriculture, energy, transport and waste.


This publication offers insights for scientific and research institutions, higher education institutions, business structures, public associations, representatives of the local authorities and decision-makers, in development of socio-economic strategic documents and effective interventions to improve the state of the environment in the country and rational use of its natural resources.


The UNDP-UNEP "Poverty and Environment" Initiative, a global programme to support efforts of countries in comprehensive consideration of interlink of the poverty and environmental issues, provided support in preparation of the report.

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