• Jun 28, 2018

    Publication devoted to gender mainstreaming at each stage of the waste management decision-making process at the national and international levels. Gender mainstreaming is a powerful and important strategic tool to implement reforms, develop policy solutions, and in social projects. A gender perspective should be mainstreamed when planning, designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating projects to avoid inequality between women and men and to better explore ways to minimize chemical effects on people. It is crucial for achieving efficient outcome.

  • Dec 5, 2014

    The profile contains analysis the first phase of measures for adaptation to climate change, namely, the extent of the observed and expected climate changes and their impact on the Kyrgyz Republic for further effective implementation of appropriate adaptation measures.

  • Mar 1, 2010

    This publication is an attempt to present a review of the UNDP Capacity Building and Environmental Governance Strengthening for Sustainable Development project activity that is being implemented within the framework of the UNDP new country programme in the Kyrgyz Republic for 2005-2010. Within this review the Kyrgyz Government’s efforts have been summarized, which can be useful for other countries with transition economies, and considered as a financial tool for sustainable development of countries with limited resources. Numerous consultations and a top level dialogue, the search for synergy between the initiatives of UNDP and other donors at national and global levels made it possible to activate this innovative mechanism and consider it as one of the priorities in achieving the Millennium Development Goals and CDF by 2010.

  • Human Dimension of the Sustainable Development in the Kyrgyz Republic

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