Democratic Governance


Factsheet about Public Councils in Kyrgyzstan

Public councils act as a so called bridge – ensuring feedback between the state bodies and the population. The main objective of the public councils is to increase the performance of the state bodies thereby facilitating better quality of public ser-vices. more


Human Development as the Focus of Local Self-Government: HERE AND NOW!

The main idea of ​​authors of this National Human Development Report (NHDR) is that the level of human development in the Kyrgyz Republic is defined by the development of local self-government (LSG). The report for the first time in Kyrgyzstan offers a fresh look at local self-government not onlymore


INFOGRAPHICS: what are public councils?

A series of infographics explaining how public councils within government organizations work, who can be selected as members, what are requirements etc. The publication was created upon request of the Coordination Council of the Public Councils with support of UNDP's project on capacitymore



UNDP’s work in the good governance area in Kyrgyzstan focuses on three main areas: decentralization and local self-governance, access to justice/anticorruption and parliamentary reform. Democratic Governance Programme works with the President’s Office, Prime Minister’s Office, Parliament, Ministry of Justice, General Prosecutor’s Office, Ombudsman’s Institution, other ministries and non-government organizations to help strengthen their capacity and promote democratic principles of governance.