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Peace and stability towards sustainable development represents the cornerstone of the new United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) for 2012-2016. It was developed through a consultative process and encompasses main priorities identified by the leadership of Kyrgyzstan. The UNDAF translates these into a common operational framework for development activities upon which individual United Nations organizations will formulate their actions.

The following three pillars as priority national development challenges to be addressed by the UN Country Team:

  1. Peace and Cohesion, Effective Democratic Governance, and Human Rights
  2. Social Inclusion and Equity
  3. Inclusive and Sustainable Job-Rich Growth for Poverty Reduction

UNDP contributes to the work of the United Nations Country Team through joint projects and advocacy events dedicated to the promotion of MDGs and national ownership of development results.  Thus starting from 2010, in the Democratic Governance focus area UNDP helps the Kyrgyz Parliament, the Ombudsman Institute (as part of the UN System in Kyrgyzstan), and civil society (Social Justice project) to create a modern  democracy.  UNDP assists the country’s leadership to demonstrate the progress toward the achievement of the MDGs, in general, and poverty reduction, in particular, along with the continued support to empower and develop capacities of the poor through various socio-economic projects, including expansion of employment opportunities. In the Environment and Disaster Risk Management portfolio UNDP has prioritized the development of small scale renewable energy projects and implementation of the Global Environment Facility’s projects. It also includes capacity development projects of the national partners to effectively respond to natural disasters and manage peace and development issues.

In 2009, UNDP Kyrgyzstan, in close collaboration with the Central Asian Governments, has generated momentum for transforming ideas into fully operational large scale assistance programmes to address the problems of toxic radioactive uranium tailings interventions that would be funded from several sources in 2010 and onwards. At a broader level, UNDP and the UN System work together with the donor community in the Kyrgyz Republic to improve aid effectiveness in the country through the harmonization and alignment of donor activities.

UNDP Resident Representative in Kyrgyzstan also serves as the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations system in the country.

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