Equal rights = Equal opportunities

Over two hundred representatives of local self-governments, civil society organizations representing interests of persons with disabilities from seven oblasts of the country took part in the Republican conference “Equal rights = Equal opportunities”, dedicated to the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Give us a Convention

There are more than 172 million persons with disabilities live in the Kyrgyz Republic today and their number, unfortunately, is continuing to grow. Despite the changes in the legislation in order to improve their rights, persons with disabilities continue to face barriers to their participation in society as equal members.

120 000 som Award: peace laboratory of Yntymak

20 young people graduated the Media laboratory, established on the basis of the Public Regional Television and Radio Broadcasting Company “Yntymak”. They were trained in preparing news and radio reportages and got knowledge on peacebuilding journalism.

Serbian criminalists demonstrated new technologies in investigating crimes of violence against women

During two days experts of the Serbian Criminalistics Centre demonstrated how to determine spatial boundaries of the crime scene, to secure the crime scene from contamination and taught the procedure of forensic investigation and documentation of evidence.

Proper operation of automatic ballot boxes during elections depends on the knowledge of more than 4 thousand specialists

4750 specialists will be trained in the Kyrgyz Republic. Two people from each polling station. Trained specialists act as operators of automatic ballot boxes and will be responsible for their proper operation during Election Day.

Photo story: Naryn forwards are guiding the ball

Colleagues from Area Based Development Office in Naryn are playing the game during their regular playoff.